Projects Wiki Development Page


This wiki page is the home for the development of projects wiki.

The projects wiki consists of the following components:

  • licence holds the GPL V2 licence of this plugin.
  • changelog lists the change log.
  • DokuWiki plugins, including
  • Configuration: conf/default.php
  • Supporting library for the dokuwiki plugins: lib.
  • Projects Wiki plugins: plugins. These plugins provide support for analyzing the source and target files, and provide default rules for target files. These are stored in the plugins folder.
  • conf.php defines the various parameters used by projects wiki. These are not meant to be changed.
  • style.css defines the theme for displaying projects wiki files.
  • script.js contains the javascript scripts.
  • CodeMirror editor files:

The plugin zip file


  • publish: Remake this file to publish the development version.

Manage this project


  • The current setting of updating the whole project right after any change occurs is problematic because it causes many unwanted updates:
    • for example, for a latex file with a bibtex database, it is common to change the latex file then add a citation to the bibtex file. The PDF is generated before updating the bibtex file, then again after the change in the bibtex file.
    • This suggests that we should move to the convention used in Working Wiki, i.e., update only when a file is requested for display.
    • Reminder: should update files when access through the download links.